hello there, stranger! welcome to my world.


╰ she/her, i/enfp, aquarius, 20+likes:
╰ art, music, concerts, autumn, biking
╰ green tea, ice cream, agedashi tofu
╰ hq, bnha, jjk, mp100, yoi, sk8, kny, ohshc
╰ csm, tristamp, gsnk, skip and loafer
╰ mdzs, tcgf
╰ bts, skz, svt, txt, oneus
╰ epik high, dpr regime, eric nam, one ok rock, gemini, ph-1
╰ studio ghibli, laika
╰ being/feeling tired
╰ losing her phone
╰ karens
╰ people who leave the microwave door open
╰ reading, traveling, exploring museums, taking naps
╰ writing letters, journaling
╰ zines, zines, and more zines!
╰ (for that one friend who keeps asking lol)



current projects

zine moderator

「阿吽」To Have You as a Partnerhqorganization, social media, writing, production, finance, shipping, discordshipping
a monsters' ballhqproduction, financeproduction
Bolt from the BluehqArt, Finance, Production, Organizationcreation
bts tarotbtsmerch, communicationsshipping
Gear 5opProductioncreation
genshin travelsgenshinemergency production, shippingproduction
haikyuu!! gone wildhqwriting, production, financeleftovers
hualian au zinetgcforganization, socialsplanning
in full bloomohshcwritingshipping
mosaic: a minimoni zinebtsart, discord, generalcreation
OP Swordsmen Zineopwritingapplications
ONE PIECE: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSEopproductionapplications
Partners: A Kuroken Timeskip Anthologyhqproductionpreorders
Re-spectbtssocial media, writingshipping
Retromaniaanimeproduction, generalproduction
The Library of Etheirysffxivcommunicationscreation
To the Starshqemergency finance, productioncreation
Way of the Bladeopwritingcreation
Your Heart is a Museumbtsfinanceapplications

past projects


Team Confidencegreat pretenderart, merch Mod
Querenciabtsproduction Mod
inumaki’s domainjjkformatting, layout, production, carrd Mod
blue & violet: an indigo zinebtsphotographer/graphic design
let me love youbtssolo mod
Vantebtsproduction, finance, shipping Mod
Sailor Springtimesailor mooncarrd, general, writer Mod
Stored Lovehqwriting, communications, carrd Mod
all saints vacationall saints streetorganization, writing, production, finance, shipping Mod
This Side of Paradisehq, pkmproduction, shipping Mod
My Fiction, Our Realitydngrnpaemergency shipping Mod
OpulenceBTSorganization, writing, carrd, layout, finance, production, shipping Mod
Frissonbtsproduction, shipping Mod
Gateway to Youbtswriting, graphics, socials, carrd, layout, production, finance, shipping Mod
OrbitBTSorganization, social media, writing, discord, carrd Mod
If the Sk8 Fitssk8production, shipping, discord Mod
Sincerity: A Sugawara Anthologyhqwriter
GAM3 BO1svtwriting, general Mod
Iron Wallhqwriting Mod
soopBTSproduction, shipping Mod
Highlightsbtsproduction, shipping Mod
Blue Side collectionbtscarrd, production, finance, shipping Mod
Grace of Hellfirehqart, merch Mod
Jack of All Tradeshqfinance, production, shipping Mod
LEVEL UP!hqproduction, finance Mod
Sunny Sideoriginalwriter
WINGSBTSorganization, communications, writing Mod
KoobicoreBTSwriting, organization, production, shipping, carrd Mod
COUTUREBTSproduction, general Mod
bakugoubnhafinance, production, shipping Mod
Apples and UnicornsBNHAco-Mod, writing Mod
Spirit Volume 2Ghiblico-Mod
Worlds AwayHQwriter
Spirit Volume 1Ghiblico-Mod
Spice!Shokugekisolo Mod
It's Meaningless Without YouFree!co-Mod, writing Mod
For ForeverDear Evan Hansensolo Mod
WanderlustHQsolo Mod, writer

fandom events

2023Snowmori: a komori motoya fan eventwriter
2021SK8 the Infinity Bangbeta
2018BTS ARMY Valentine ExchangeMod
2017BTS ARMY Secret SantaMod
2017Haikyuu!! Iwaoi Exchangewriter
2017Voltron Fanfiction Remixwriter
2016Haikyuu!! Secret Santawriter


yours: a tsukikage wedding zineGroup Order Manager for @tsukikagezine
omakase: a miya osamu zineGroup Order Manager for @miyaosamuzine
Stray Kids Fan MerchGroup Order Manager for Ferro @Enmei_C
Haikyuu!! fan merchGroup Order Manager for @Maddox_Rider
familiar (original comic by ale)layout, finance, production, shipping services
Hope World AlbumGroup Order Manager for Nico @astronico_
PenshipMod (from 2016-2018)
Voltron Beta ReadersMod & beta (from 2016-2018)


a few stories that i've edited as a friend, writer mod, and/or beta!Original Comics
Familiar by ale
Gateway to You BTS
Beneath the Starry Sky by Bluevoyance
Rulebook for outlaw spaceship captains by afasia (Ires)
Apples and Unicorns BNHA
All Dressed Up by chromyrose
Eri in Musicland by hibahime
elysium by izucaii
with great power by taq
Eri's Extracurricular by lola_writes
A Fairy's First Flight by vannahoneshots
Mirrors BNHA
Adamantine by rashiisa
All That Binds Us by saltfics
Homeostasis by GottaGoBuyCheese
First Impressions by Kemmasandi
Run! Multifandom
all these plans (shared under the moonlight) by freckleder
The Adventures with Akaashi the Tired™ by slepsy
It's Meaningless Without You Free!
homecoming by kat
Ripples of Hope by Joëlla
stroke order by broniichan



STATUS: OPENLet me lend you my production, finance, and shipping experience! For those interested in selling goods without actually managing a store, I can manage and run the production, finance, and/or shipping aspects for you, including:╰ marketing and selling a product
╰ product quality checks
╰ storage
╰ inventory management
╰ financial management
╰ shipping
╰ and more!

group order management

STATUS: OPEN BY REQUESTWant to save on shipping costs? I’m happy to help run a Group Order for overseas items (non-USA) to take advantage of lower domestic shipping costs! Open GOs are listed here and a list of completed GOs can be found here.Group Order services are free! Requests are welcome! ^^


STATUS: OPENYou can find some of the works I've edited here! You can reach out to any of the listed writers about my editing style and work ethic.I typically work through Google Docs and utilize the suggestions feature to offer feedback on spelling, grammar, flow, characterization, and more (including lots of excited commentary about my fave parts of your writing)! We'll always have a conversation about what type of edits you're looking for prior to starting editing/beta work to ensure we're on the same page for every check-in :]Editing/beta services are flexible in pricing! I'm always grateful for our wonderful fandom writers. Please reach out to let me know what's a feasible price for you!


STATUS: OPENWant to build a website? Commission me to design anything from a basic Carrd to a fully fledged website or storefront!

Note: If commissioned, sites may have been individually changed/updated by their owners.


Pricing is determined by project complexity and is negotiable based on market rates/terms of service.Interested? Reach out with a request!